Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day #21,595

Walk km 6444-6446: to Safeway
Walk km 6446-6448: to library & T&T
Walk km 6448-6455: Robson/Denman/Alberni/Tatlow trail/Lees trail/SeaWall/Denman

Stanley Park in winter
aprox km 6452 Lees Trail

Movie #1564: So Long At The Fair (1950, Darnborough & Fisher)

A "Twilight Zone" plot in a period piece. This is quite similar to "Return Of The Whistler". Someone checks into a hotel and the next morning they've disappeared! This plot goes one step farther because the hotel room also disappears.
I'm beginning to think that there were some British movies that weren't just dreary and drab.

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