Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day #21,599

Walk km 6487-6499: Patterson Station to Marine Drive Station

Meetup group members
aprox km 6492 along Kerr Street

Movie #rewatch: The Violent Years (1956, William Morgan)

that poor man - he is about to endure a fate worse than death

All you need to know: screenplay by Ed Wood.
There are two scenes that put this movie in the hall of fame:
1) Four delinquent teenage girls attack a couple who are kissing in a car. They tie up the woman and march the guy into the bushes at gunpoint. We find out later what this man had to endure when the ringleader of this gang of teen girls starts to have "stomach cramps".
2) The judges monologues. Ed Wood of course was a moron and his dialogue is pretty awful but when spoken by a bunch of hoodlums it kinda makes sense. But when a judge starts spouting a bunch of Ed's idiotic nonsense, hilarity ensues.
Two minuses: bad print quality and 56 minutes instead of the original 65.

What's new in Memphis?
Memphis was hot 55 years ago (Elvis). 45 years ago, organ was king in Memphis (Booker T & The MGs). Elvis isn't back but that organ sound is. Here are Memphis soul/jazz/funk organ trio The City Champs as well as Memphis vocalist Maggie Louie whose backing band here has a nice organ sound.

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