Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day #21,609

Walk km 6590-6594 (15,015 to go): running errands
Walk km 6594-6601 (15,008 to go): Hastings/Semlin/Ferndale/Nanaimo/Turner/Adanac/Cassair/Georgia/Boundary

front yard fulla junk
aprox km 6496 Ferndale Ave

Movie #1578: Fallguy (1962, Dann Harling)

This is the one and only film for director Dann Harling. It looks like Dann thought it would be fun to make a movie. Total "amateur hour" production but they do put their best effort into it. The scene with the newspaper boy and the car radio in the converatable shows just how much these guys were trying. Fun to watch.

Song #36,805: Perpetual Motion (1957, Jascha Heifetz)

Not enough classical music on this blog. Here's Jascha sawing his way through Harry Burleigh's "Perpetual Motion"

Book #367: The Long Road To Baghdad (2008, Lloyd C Gardner)

The only thing wrong with this book is that I've read pretty much all of this before. For that, I cannot blame Mr Gardner. Still, it made for a very slow read.

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