Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day #21,601

Walk km 6509-6519: Holdom/Curtis/Fell/Hastings/Trans Canada Trail/Yale/Bridgeway/McGill

railroad bridge
aprox km 6517 from the Trans Canada Trail

Song #36,632: Everything I Own (197x, Ken Boothe)

With my last 49 cents I downloaded this 70s cover tune done reggae style. I had to look up who originally recorded this one (it was Bread). The entire 70s radio experience might have been better if everything was done up reggae style.

Movie #1568: Law Of The Lash (1947, Ray Taylor)

So that was Lash LaRue. I'd heard tell of a cowboy star that used a whip instead of a 6-gun. Well, he does use the whip on occasion but he still has his 6-guns to do the heavy lifting.
One weird moment in an otherwise pretty pedestrian western is when one of the bad guys does a voice-over. I don't think I've ever heard of voice-over being used in a western.

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