Monday, February 21, 2011

Day #21,614

Walk km 6636-6646: Studen Union/East Mall/16th/Salal Trail/Lily Valley Trail/12th/McDonald/(bus)/Burrard/Robson/Georgia/Abbott/Pender

Salal Trail
aprox km 6639 Pacific Spirit Park

Movie #1582: Takeshis' (2005, Takeshi Kitano)

Surrealism comes to mainstream cinema. Kitano is a huge star in Japan. Star of idiotic Japanese TV shows by day and acclaimed cinema director by night.
Now Kitano has created a full-length surrealist motion picture for his fans. It stars himself in multiple roles and a whole troupe of extra characters playing multiple parts as well and all mixing together in a totally random fantasy of Kitanoisms.
How did the general public like this one? Can't wait to get to IMDB to find out.

Book #368: Humans (1992, Donald E Westlake)

This was a mistake. Someone suggested to Don that he was in a rut and he should write something totally different. So here we have a novel with angels and demons and suchlike. Don shoulda left this sort of thing to Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Don may have been in a rut but it was a darn good rut.

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