Friday, April 1, 2011

Day #21.653

Walk km 7028-7030: to the library
Walk km 7030-7042(14,611 to go): around Stanley Park with the Meetup group

brisk walkers (slower walkers can be seen way in the back)
aprox km 7037 on the Stanley Park seawall

Song #37376: We All Come And Go (1971, Chico Magnetic Band)

Another tune from the new releases on eMusic. It may be a new release there but it actually came out 40 years ago. Chico Magnetic Band were from Lyon France. This track was from their LP "Acid Rock". I think that would be an apt description - they sure look like stoners in this picture.

Movie #1624: Date Bait (1960, O'Dale Ireland)

Way back when I used to have a 3-sheet poster for this movie tacked up on my wall. I'd never seen the movie but the poster looked like this would be a prime 50s JD drama. Well..... it's not half bad. "Danny" must certainly be the wimpiest of the 50s cinematic teens. When the going gets rough he says stuff like "maybe you're dad is right". He marries the girl but then just lets her go back home to her mom and dad with yet another "maybe you're dad is right" speech. On the other hand, we have the bad guys: a junkie and his two dope pushin' brothers. Seems the junkie had two dates with Danny's girl and now that he's out of rehab it's time to rekindle that romance. Some good lookin' hot rods too.

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