Friday, April 22, 2011

Day #21,674

Walk km 7239-7250 (14,424 to go): Smithe/Granville/Nelson/alleys/seawalk/Terminal/Clark/Grandview/Commercial/Gravely/Cotton/William/McLean/Napier/George/Venables/Campbell/Union/Georgia/Quebec/Keefer/Abbott/Pender

Movie #1644: Riviera (2005,Anne Villeceque)

Time was Miou Miou was the queen of the French cinema. She could pick and choose any movie she wanted. And now............ she has sunk so low as to appear in this pile of crap. Must she take a role like this because she needs the money? Very sad.

Movie #1645: A Double Tour (1959,Claude Chabrol)

There are a ton of French movies on YouTube with Russian voice-over. For some reason, this has no voice-over and so it can be heard in the original French.
Did Hitchcock sue? This is like an exact replica of a Hitchcock of the "Trouble With Harry" to "Vertigo" period. It's odd that after perfecting Hitchcock, Chabrol went on to direct a real grab-bag of movies only to return to the Hitchcock replicas much later in his career. A beautiful film.

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