Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day #21,672

Walk km 7222-7224: running errands
Walk km 7224-7232(14,440 to go): 24th/Gladstone/25th/Brandt/27th/Victoria/Kingsway/Beatrice/33rd/Victoria/35th/Dumfries/Lanark/31st/Knight/29th/Dumfries/27th/Elgin/King Edward/Glen/24th/Knight

another flowering bush
aprox km 7230 Elgin Street

Movie 1642: Marisol Rumbo A Rio (1963, Fernando Palacios)

So, yesterday I bought a bunch of 60s Spanish tunes on eMusic including "Muchachita" by Marisol. The video for this song looked like it was from a movie. I tracked down the movie: Marisol Rumbo A Rio. It was also on YouTube but only in Spanish. I figured I'd watch it anyhow. The plot in a 60s teen movie is never worth the paper it's written on. Marisol plays two roles: identical twin sisters (idea stolen from Hayley Mills in "The Parent Trap"). The movie is like a picture postcard promo for a vacation spot (stolen from Elvis Presley in "Blue Hawaii"). The ending is hang by your fingernails thrilling as Marilou tries not to fall from Rio's famous statue of Christ (stolen from Alfred Hitchcock in "North By Northwest"). So, the whole thing is just a bunch of other people's ideas mashed together but Marisol is plucky and perky in the title roles. She can also belt out a tune. Fun for everyone.
Here's Marisol rocking out with "Oh Tony":

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