Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #21,664

Walk km 7133-7145: from Science World to English Bay (and return) with the Meetup group

Book #374: Backflash (1998, Donald E Westlake)

One of Donald's best in the Parker series. Once again Parker and "friends" live in their own world with no concern for the daily trials of tribulations or ordinary mortals. In that way, this has the same allure as science fiction. These people are not human! As usual, a few mere mortals do stray over the line into Parker's world but they all end up being air-conditioned by bullet holes by the final page. Unique reading.

Song #37,522: Nowhere, Manitoba (2007, Lee Mellor)
When it's your last day to download 10 more songs on eMusic, you never know what you might download on a whim.

Song #37,520: Bye Bye (1955, The Cosmic Rays)
Even the most ultra avant-garde weirdos have to start somewhere. Here's Sun Ra in 1955 dabbling in what was then all the rage: doo-wop. Sounds pretty normal to me except for those few bass notes at the end.
Somebody put this record on Ebay last year. The selling price: $3150.

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