Monday, April 18, 2011

Day #21,670

Walk km 7207-7216: 10th/Victoria/8th/Lakewood/Oxford/Renfrew/Cambridge/Templeton/Pender/Commercial

big rock in intersection
aprox km 7212 Oxford @ Garden

Movie #1640: California Suite (1978, Herbert Ross)

It's a big Hollywood blockbuster. Oodles of stars. Script by Neil Simon. I had kinda low expectations but this movie didn't rise to even that low standard.
First off, why were these all short stories? In Grand Hotel movies the characters are supposed to interact. Here, every story was separate. Second off, why did Cosby & Pryor have to do slapstick. All the others got to at least attempt witty dialogue. These two had to hit their wives with tennis balls and step on glass.
I gotta admit that the 100 minutes moved along fairly fast so it does make for a good time waster.

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