Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day #21,679

Walk km 7286-7298 (14,381 to go): around Deer Park with Meetup group
Walk km 7298-7299: running errands

Meetup walking group
aprox km 7292 at the top of the 312 stairs

Book #376: Wake Up Dead (2010, Roger Smith)

I came up with this one when I googled "Richard Stark" with list + best hoping to get some books of the same type. Well, this ain't one of them.
Whereas Donald E Westlake's alter-ego's writing style is "stark" this is all over-the-top excess with the purpose of shocking the reader. It doesn't work as the style gets tedious very fast.

Movie #1647: In The Year Of The Pig (1968, Emile De Antonio)

Interesting documentary about the Vietnam war made during the height of the war. Pretty much comes to the same conclusion in 68 that people came to years later upon reflection.

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