Monday, April 11, 2011

Day #21,663

Walk km 7125-7130: Smithe/Granville/Pender/(bus)/Dunbar/27th/Quesnel/MacDonald/31st/Narvaez/Paton/Edgar/McBain/Brakenridge
Walk km 7130-7133 (14,530 to go): to Denman & Davie

an MG
aprox km 7127 Quesnel Street

Movie #1634: Last Holiday (1950, Henry Cass)

I used to have a very low opinion of the British cinema. Here's yet another exception to that rule. Farm machinery salesman is given only a few weeks to live by his doctor. So, he decides to spend it with snooty people in a posh hotel. What an idiot! Anyway, it turns into another "Grand Hotel" and a rather good one at that.

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