Friday, January 4, 2013

Day #22,297

Walk km 12,610-12,614: Gulf Of Mexico
Walk km 12,614-12,625: to Beau Rivage and return

Obama 2012
approx km 12,612 corner of Greater and Camellia (Biloxi)

what's that black stuff?
approx km 12,611 Gulf Of Mexico

Movie rewatch: De L'Amour (Jean Aurel, 1964)

The wonders of the internet. I saw this movie in about 1967 on TV channel 3 (the French channel). On channel 3 you could get the very latest (almost) cinema direct from Paris. Not that silly Hollywood or Disney stuff you could get elsewhere. When you are 15, Anna Karina and Elsa Martinelli are quite a treat.
The only thing I remembered about this movie was that Michel Piccoli played a dentist. Now, with IMDB I can tell that this movie from the distant past was called "De L'Amour" and it was directed by Jean Aurel. The last time I was in Paris, I looked for this on DVD - no luck. Now, I look for it on YouTube: it's there! So, from just the slightest of memories of this fascinating movie to actually getting to see it again 46 years later: thanks internet. 

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  1. Did you watch De L'Amour in French? I could not find it with English subtitles.