Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day #22,294

Walk km 12,580-12,585: downtown Atlanta (in the rain)

Movie #2181: Life During Wartime (2009, Todd Solondz)

We've seen this before. This could have been called Happiness II. The same characters carry on their screwball lifestyles down Florida way. There was a virus that kept popping up and the volume was so low so that the viewing experience was not the best through no fault of the movie. Solondz is still king of the heart-to-heart talk - plenty of mind boggling examples here.

Movie #2182: Beatles Stories (2011, Seth Swirsky)
Home movies from a guy who set out to film people who have an anecdote about meeting a Beatle. Fun to watch.

Movie #2183: Valerie (1969, Denis Heroux)

Girl runs away from a convent to the big city (Montreal). She needs money so she prostitutes herself to handsome young men. One day, a client turns out to be old and ugly. She decides that marriage would be better.
Skinflick Quebecoise. It's a shame that this is on YouTube because there are much better Quebec films that I'd Like to see but alas, not enough skin.

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