Monday, January 7, 2013

Day #22,300

Walk km 12,649-12,657: Ocean Springs to Biloxi
Walk km 12,657-12,663: to Hiller Park
Gulf of Mexico/Biloxi Bay Bridge from Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs from Biloxi Bay Bridge

Biloxi Bay Bridge

Biloxi from Biloxi Bay Bridge

houses on stilts (ready for the next Katrina)

turret on a building on Howard Street

art on a building on Howard Street

Movie #2189: The Nevadan (1950, Gordon Douglas)

Standard oater with a slightly better than average cast and nice colour photography of the great outdoors.

TV Episode #43: Man With A Camera: Face Of Murder (1959, Gerald Mayer)
Not everything from the golden age of television was golden. This series featured Charles Bronson as a photographer. Dull stuff.

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