Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day #22,306

Walk km 12,691-12,703 (9603 to go): Meetup walk along Bath Slough Trail

Movie #2197: Inferno (Roy Ward Baker, 1953)

Robert Ryan suffers a broken leg out in the desert. His wife decides to just leave him there - he's worth more dead than alive to her. My kinda movie.
From IMDB I see that this was originally in 3D - looked OK in 2D.

Music Video #1: Alexander Nevsky (Sergei Prokofiev) / Daegu City Orchestra and Chorus

I just stumbled across this on YouTube. Kind of an obscure work by Prokofiev. I had 2 LP versions of this, one by Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony and one by Evgeny Svetlanov with a Russian orchestra and chorus. The Svetlanov was miles ahead and one of the all-time great classical recordings.
It seemed to me that there wouldn't be any orchestra that would play this never mind film it too. This version is no Svetlanov but it is fun to watch.
I decided to make this music video #1 and add any other oddball pieces that I might come across.

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