Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day #22,315

Walk km 12,783-12,785: to T&T

Book #444: The Expendable Man (Dorothy B Hughes, 1963)

I've read a bunch of Hughes books before but it's been awhile. This one loses steam about half way through but then regains momentum for a "page turning" climax. A murder mystery (from the point-of-view of the accused) with an added race relations ingredient.

Movie #2205: Unearthly Stranger (1963, John Krish)

yes, you too will want to put your fingers in your ears so you won't have to listen to the idiotic dialogue in this movie

I kinda liked this one - not despite the fact that the plot is utterly stupid but because of it. You expect idiot plots from Hollywood but you certainly don't think that the British could put out something so nonsensical.
In this one, a fellow believes that his wife is from outer space one minute and then defends her to the death the next. With no explanation. Maybe the alien has switched bodies and resides in the husband? Nope, they never bother explaining. And the alien: all of a sudden she wants to be a human! She totally turns her back on her own people because she's pretending to be married to this stuffed-shirt Englishman. Good god how stupid.
Also, there were these weird fades at climatic moments just like they have on TV to set up the commercial breaks. Was this made for TV or was the director so stupid that he thought these ought to be in feature films too.
Oh, it was just so silly.

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