Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day #22,323

Walk km 12,803-12,805: to T&T

Movie #2209: Guns Girls and Gangsters (1959, Edward L Cahn)

As you can telll by the title, they didn't even try with this one. No hope this will look realistic so they go for goofy - and hit a bullseye.
They've got voice-over, Mamie Van Doren, Las Vegas, Mamie Van Doren, an armoured car, Mamie Van Doren, desert scenes, Mamie Van Doren, a roadside motel, Mamie Van Doren, a trailer court, Mamie Van Doren, a prison break and Mamie Van Doren!
Mamie Van Doren is good but Gerald Mohr is better as the sleazy ex-con. Lee Van Cleef and Grant Richards aren't nearly as effective but who cares.
0 points for skilled filmmaking, 75 points for being super goofy.

Movie #2210: Never Let Go (John Guillerman, 1960)

What are the chances? Two British movies on back-to-back evenings and they're both excellent. This one is even better than "Cast A Dark Shadow". You can only push a fellow so much before he's not gonna take it no more. The bad guys steal a salesman's car and laugh at him when he comes snooping around. They oughtn't to have laughed! 

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