Friday, January 18, 2013

Day #22,310-311

Walk km 12,730-12,742 (9568 to go): meetup walk in Stanley Park
Walk km 12,742-12,746: to Army & Navy

Movie #2200: Time Table (1956, Mark Stevens)

Gritty cops and robbers tale. There seems to be no end to these things. I'm not complaining.

Movie #2201: Hitchhike! (1974, Gordon Hessler)

ABC Movie-Of-The-Week has Cloris Leachman picking up a hitchhiker (a homicidal maniac of course). As usual, Cloris is great but that's the only thing good that can be said about this one. Everything is so homogenized and pasteurized that there's very few thrills left.

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