Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day #22,298-299

Walk km 12,625-12,635: to Beau Rivage and back
Walk km 12,635-12,649: to downtown Biloxi and back

Movie #2187: Mr Hobbs Takes A Vacation (1962, Henry Koster)

The Ramada only has the slow wifi so I watched this one on TCM. It's from the same team as the recently watched "Dear Brigitte" and the results are the same. A comedy that's light and breezy. No one has to worry that they might have to laugh out loud - all that's required of the viewer is a little smile and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Movie #2188: The Deadly Invention (1958, Karel Zeman)

This is a hard movie to rate. How many points do you give for being totally unique? This is a telling of some Jules Verne stories by making the visuals appear to be in the same style as the illustrations found in 19th century books. Both animation and live action are used. Probably, the live action parts were hand painted so that they would blend into the animated parts.
However, the visuals are so striking that the plot becomes superfluous (no suspension-of-disbelief is possible).
If all movies were made this way, this would be a bore and rate about a 20/100 but since I've never seen anything like it, I'll rate it 55/100.
BTW, there is more than one copy on YouTube. One with a sharp looking copy is "biscuitbuddiesvideo".

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