Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day #22,302

Walk km 12,663-12,665 (9637 to go): to T&T

Movie #2190: Target Earth (1954, Sherman A Rose)

This one starts out great. A woman wakes up after attempting suicide (sleeping pills) only to find that she's in a totally empty city! It's the old "last person on earth" plot. That's my favourite plot.
However, that's about it for this movie. The plot from there on is just ridiculous. I especially liked the bit where the men have to apologize to the women for trying to figure out what to do about the alien invasion. They shouldn't have spoken so openly about the trouble they face because it's gonna scare the women! These 50s SiFi movies were amazingly sexist.
And then there's the alien robots. They must have spent about 50 cents at a scrap yard to come up with this thing. It makes "Robot Monster" look high tech.
So, all in all, it was kind of fun because of it's extreme awfulness.

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