Monday, December 31, 2012

Day #22,293

Walk km 12,570-12,580: through Piedmont Park again

Movie #2178: Ruthless (1948, Edgar G Ulmer)

Here's a bit of cinematic history. A poverty row studio taking the big gamble on an "A" picture. Since Eagle-Lion studios are no longer with us I guess we can assume that this was a failure.
I've only seen Ulmer's shoestring budget pictures so this is quite a change. I think he does quite a good job here. Unfortunately, the plot of a ruthless man doing whatever it takes to claw his way to the top of a financial empire doesn't really appeal to me.

Movie rewatch: Night Of The Comet (Thom E Eberhardt, 1984)

I remember liking this back in the day when I had the movie channel on cable TV (about 25 years ago). I guess I was desperate for good movies. It's OK. The plot is "last people on earth" - one of my favourites. Some nice comedy bits too.
But those 80s fashions and music: yuck! Except for Cyndi Lauper of course.

TV Episode #42: Rebound: The Witness (1952, Bernard Girard)

About as grimy as they come. Twobit burglars who live in a fleabag hotel decide they have to murder a witness to their latest heist in order to preserve their freedom. Looks like life in the state pen would be more luxurious. Lee Marvin is the cop. Directed by Bernard "The Party Crashers" Girard.

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