Monday, December 17, 2012

Day #22,279

Walk km 12,465-12,470 (9809 to go): every block walk (Elgin)
Walk km 12,470-12,482 (9797 to go): Meetup walk along False Creek

Movie #2166: The World's Greatest Sinner (1962, Timothy Carey)
Timothy Carey first step to becoming God: he's got the guitar but that business suit has got to go

Well, I didn't see that coming. World's freakiest movie turns out to be just another advert for organized religion.
It starts out well. Insurance salesman (Timothy Carey) thinks he's wasting his time selling insurance so he decides to be God instead. He sees a bunch of kids swarming a rock'n'roll singer so he decides that's how he'll get through to people. He turns into a composite of Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin Jimmy Swaggart. He goes crazy on stage like Jerry Lee (including Jerry Lee's patented hair over the face move) but preaches like Jimmy. Everything is going great until a huckster talks him into dropping his quest for God and gets him to run for president of the USA instead. Everything is going great except that he's already changed his name from Clarence to God and so the masses don't want to vote for him because they already have a God and they're quite happy with the one they've already got. Carey's not too sure about this. Is there really a God? He asks God to show himself so he'll know for sure. God obliges and Carey is won over.
The first half of this movie is super freaky and oodles of fun. The second half which concerns itself with is there a God or not is pretty dull. And naturally the ending is a real downer.  

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