Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day #22,288

TV Episode #39: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Derelicts (Robert Stevenson, 1956)
I think they missed a good plot turn here. A businessman murders the man who holds his IOU because he needs all this money for his high maintenance wife. A bum sees him do it and starts blackmailing him. He even starts to live in the other guy's house. The guy tells his wife that the bum is a cousin. The wife wants him thrown out. The wife finds out about the murder and that the bum is a blackmailer. She turns on the charm to get the IOU off the bum. Bum says he may look like a bum but he's got 10 large (plus the blackmail money). Right here, the wife should have dumped her husband and taken up with the bum/blackmailer. A bum with a trophy wife! Great twist. However, the story plays out according to Hoyle.

TV Episode #40: Thriller:Rose's Last Summer (1960, Arthur Hiller)

From a story by Margaret "Mrs Ross MacDonald" Millar! Starring faded screen queen Mary Astor! And it's actually good. This was a few years before Bette Davis and Joan Crawford tossed their pride away and played batty old faded screen queens for the big screen.

Movie #2174: The Crazy Family (1984, Gakuryu Ishii)

More silly than crazy. Family antics aren't really that funny.

TV Episode #40:  Thriller: The Twisted Image (1960, Arthur Hiller)

All stops pulled out for season #1 episode #1 of Thriller. Leslie Neilson must put up with 2 loonies in his company. One wants to marry him (he's already married) and the other one wants to be him. Mayhem ensues.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Thriller. I watched The Twisted Image today and it was excellent.