Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day #22,281

Walk km 12,486-12,488: to T&T

Movie #2168: The Set (1970, Frank Brittain)

Movies this bad are always kinda fun to watch for a while (like watching a train wreck). But eventually the steady stream of awfulness begins to wear on you. And then you just pray it will end.
For some strange reason, IMDB rates this a 68. There must be another film with the same title and they got the two confused because this one is mind-numbingly god-awful.

TV series episode #37: The Avengers - The Hour That Never Was (1966, Gerry O'Hara)

I missed adding Season #1 Episode #1 of "Corner Gas" that I watched a few days back. That would be #36.
This one is the old "where is everyone" plot. It's pulled off with style here but I don't think the denouement really explained what had happened. But does anyone really care? Nope.   

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