Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day #22,284

Walk km 12,501-12,504: running errands

Movie #2171: Breakfast For Two (1937, Alfred Santell)

Fairly amusing comedy with one big problem: why would Barbara Stanwyck care about Herbert "Mr Dull" Marshall. Babs spends the whole 90 minutes chasing Mr Marshall for no apparent reason.
NOTE: This is the first TCM movie I've seen after axing the TV Guide. Media Center was taking almost all week to download the weekly TV Guide and blocking me from recording or watching any recorded shows (and blocking me from saying I didn't want the TV Guide). But, they let down their guard today so I snuck in and axed the guide. Hope it works.

Movie #2172: Tarantula (1955, Jack Arnold)

Giant insect movie. Plus: a much bigger budget than later giant insect movies so everything looks great. Minus: There's only one giant tarantula. Later movies realized that just one bug was not enough. You needed a whole swarm and they had to threaten the entire world not just one little dinky town in the desert.  

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