Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day #22,264-266

Walk km 12,334-12,355: Michael's meetup walk
Walk km 12,355-12,367: Pandora's meetup walk
Walk km 12,367-12,374: every block walk (25th & 26th Ave)

Movie #2155: Absurd (1981, Joe D'Amato)
roasted head scene

I picked this one at random from YouTube. Turns out to be an Italian splatter picture. Because I never watch Italian splatter movies (or splatter movies of any nationality), I kinda enjoyed it even though I knew it was crap.
This appeared to be the sub-genre of head injury splatter movies. We had the drill through the head, the saw into the head, pickaxe through the head, battle axe severing a head and my favourite, the roasted head.
As with the spaghetti westerns all the Italians gave themselves anglo-saxon names so that nobody would know it was made in Italy not Hollywood. However, they did give themselves away in one crucial scene: all the action takes place while everyone is watching the SuperBowl on TV (Rams vs Steelers) - but instead of everyone eating pizza and beer, they're all eating spaghetti!

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