Friday, December 21, 2012

Day #22,282

Walk km 12,488-12,490: to Safeway
Walk km 12,490-12,495 (9787 to go): to Denny's

Book #441: Red Planet (1949, Robert A Heinlein)

Always wanted to take a foray into SiFi. This one is a children's book. It's the adventures of Jim and Frank on Mars. The whole thing is an allegory.
Mars is really the United States. Earth is England. The Martians are the Indians. I think Jim and Frank are probably Tom and Huck. In this version the Martians/Indians help the colonists rid themselves of the opressive rule of Earth/England. In fact in this version the Martians/Indians allow them to settle but once they see the evil ways of the Earthlings, they tell them to go back where they came from. Only through negotiation do they get to stay. Not much like what happened in the real world.
I did find this quite enjoyable. It was more fun in the first part with just Jim & Frank - once the adults got involved, the story lost steam.

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