Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day #22,278

Walk km 12,463-12,465: running errands

Movie #2163: Panique (1946, Julien Duvivier)

First, the movie: Great. One of the very best. Murderer plants evidence of his crime in the room of the one person in the neighbourhood who is different (M. Hire). Whereas, almost everyone here is stupid and cowardly, M Hire is intelligent and even owns books! The idiots find the planted evidence and form a mob to attack M. Hire. The inevitable happens. Based on a Simenon book. Remade many years later as Monsieur Hire (with Michel Blanc as M. Hire). 
Secondly, the source: VEEHD. You can download and watch movies from this website. You can watch without revealing your email address if you download their spyware or just join (by giving them your email address) and watch without having to download the spyware. If you have a good spam blocker with your email, joining should not be a problem. Not sure how much stuff is there since this is the first one I watched. The copy they had was the wrong aspect ratio (they tried to turn a 4/3 into a widescreen). I played it back with VLC which allowed me to correct the aspect ratio. This print also had the laziest subtitlers ever. About half the dialogue was missing. It looks like they translated only the dialogue that was important to the plot. Hope Veehd has more like this one.

Movie #2164: Chungking Express (1994, Kar Wai Wong)

It's a darn good thing we have IMDB. I didn't realize that the policeman was really two policemen. They just frequented the same chip shop and had the same romantic difficulties. I figured that the second story was really a flashback because the policeman changed from plain clothes to in uniform. So, I thought that the goofy chip shop worker was really "May". But then on IMDB the most recent post was from someone who also didn't realize that these were two different policemen.
I think my way of watching it would be better - it makes everything much stranger than the filmmaker intended. Strange is good.
This was another one from Veehd.

Movie #2165: Jeunes Filles Impudiques (1973, Jean Rollin)

Another one from Veehd. Here we have a skin flick from a director who has been touted as one whose output far exceeds the norm for this genre of film. However, there's not much talent on display here. The first half is extremely tedious as the plot tries to find reasons for the two lead actresses to disrobe. The second half is better. The shootout is very goofy: kind of half Ed Wood and half Jean-Luc Godard. The plot is so stupid that you might get a chuckle out of the idiotic twists and turns it takes. And the only thing at all erotic about the film is  Marie Hélène Règne and she is the only female cast member to keep her clothes on at all times.
BTW, this is the USA version renamed "Schoolgirl Hitchhikers" (there are no schoolgirls here and nobody hitchhikes) which has 7 minutes missing from the French original.

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