Friday, December 21, 2012

Day #22,283

Walk km 12,495-12,498: to T&T
Walk km 12,498-12,501 (9782 to go): Coal Harbour

Movie #2169: The Ruined Map (1968, Hiroshi Teshigahara)

I read the book a long time ago. It's quite surreal and so it's very hard to follow the plot. I really don't think that this works as a film. The visual clues cannot be as precise as written ones. Weird but meaningless.

Movie #2170: The Night The World Exploded (1957, Fred F Sears)

The anti-Monolith Monsters! You remember The Monolith Monsters right? Rocks that expanded when exposed to water. Here we have rocks that expand when exposed to air but stop if exposed to water.
I looked these two up on IMDB - they were both released in 1957 - would have made a swell double feature.
A really nice looking copy here from YouTube. However, I'm no longer 13 so I don't get any kicks from this sort of movie but they're kinda fun anyway.

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