Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day #22,291

Walk km 12,550-12,557: to PeachTree at Ponce De Leon via Georgia Tech
street scene
approx km 12,554 Snyder Street

Movie rewatch: Artists And Models (1955, Frank Tashlin)

Tashlin's epic! I watched this so long ago that I'd forgotten that this was a musical. Obviously, my favourite musical of all time. Dazzling colour. Perky Shirley MacLaine. Goofy Jerry. Dean croons. Oodles of gags and one-liners (loved the "Rear Window" gag). Plotline concerns evil Murdoch publishing empire! This Murdoch publishing empire was rotting kids minds with comic books. The current Murdoch rots the minds of much older children.

Movie #2175: Smart Blonde (1937, Frank McDonald)

First of the Torchy Blane series. Just a regular whodunit with added bonus of sassy Glenda Farrell as Torchy.

Movie #2176: Monkey On My Back (1957, Andre De Toth)

Another superior directing job by Andre DeToth. However, this one is only a biopic so nothing to write home about.

Movie Rewatch: Monsieur Hire (1989, Patrice Leconte)
This is the remake of Duvivier's "Panique" so I thought I'd watch it again to see how it compares. Not well. Whereas the original was a tale that pitted ignorance against intelligence, this version is just a love triangle. 

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