Friday, May 7, 2010

Day #21,688

The hotel here promised internet in the room but that was a lie.
They will move me to another room in 2 days.

Utrecht train station

Movie #1286 (#106 this year): The Great Gabbo (1929,James Cruze)

Erich gives his real self a hug!

I think they had a great idea here. Erich Von Stroheim is a gruff fellow but at his core he's a real softie. He's also a ventriloquist. Everything he says is coming from this gruff exterior. Everything the dummy says is really him. What a great premise. However, they added commentary by some down and out showbiz folk. Then they added a whole bunch of song and dance numbers. The story gets sidetracked so often that it looses it's steam. It's as if the filmmakers knew that there wouldn't be a big audience for a psycho ventriloquist movie so they didn't even try making one.

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