Monday, May 17, 2010

Day #21,698

EuroWalk km 91-98: Paris (shopping on Rue St Michel)

typical streetcorner
aprox km 95 Rue Diderot

Movie #1288 (#108 this year): Vicki(1953, Harry Horner)

It seems I've taken way too much money on my vacation. So, it's shopping time. Since Paris is movie crazy, I figured I'd stock up on DVDs. This is the first one.
All the way through this movie I kept thinking "I've seen this before". Turns out this is another version of Steve Fisher's novel "I Wake Up Screaming". I've read the book and seen the other movie version so the plot should be familiar. This one is worth it just to see Richard Boone at work as the psycho cop. Academy Award type performance from Mr Boone.

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