Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day #21,682

Walk km 4453-4463: to Army&Navy (shopping) then Haro/Thurlow/seawalk/Stanley Park/back alley/Denman/Robson

a goose
aprox km 4460 Lost Lagoon

Movie #1281 (#100 this year): Shock (1946, Alfred Werker)

Standard plotline of witness to murder not being able to convince anyone of what she saw. Instead, they think she's nutso so they bring in a doctor (who's the murderer) to help her.
Lynn Bari makes an extemely sexy personification of evil.

Movie: Fearless Hyena(1979, Jackie Chan)
I paid good money for this (99 cents) but the last 14 minutes are missing. Even in the beginning Jackie Chan was making goofy kung-fu movies. Bruce Lee meets the Marx Brothers.

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