Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day #21,706

Walk km 4661-4663: to the library
Walk km 4663-4667: Thurlow/Dunsmuir/Cambie/Pacific/Howe/Smithe

Book #294 (#18 this year): The Guinea Pig Diaries(2009, A.J. Jacobs)

A nice bit of fluff. Since we know that people can't change their personalities, the author tries out different personality experiments for a month each. At least, that's the main jist here. There are a few useless chapters like "outsourcing your life".
He tries to be rational. He tries to be act like George Washington. He tries to not lie. But the main thing is that he only has to do this for a month and then it's back to normal.
Amusing anecdotes make for a nice page-turner.

Movie #1298 (#118 this year): All You Need Is Cash (1978, Gary Weis & Eric Idle)

Pleasant retelling of The Rutles legend by the various cast members of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live. Of course I have the records but it's nice to see archival video footage of the Dirk, Nasty, Stig & Barry from back in the day.
Note: The VLC player seems to ignore the region code on these European DVDs.

Movie #1299 (#119 this year): Ghost Ship (1943, Mark Robson)

The 3rd of the RKO releases that I picked up in Paris. It just doesn't compare to "The Woman On The Beach" or "Split Second" mainly due to the lacklustre acting ability of leading man Richard Dix. He must have been a close relative of someone at RKO in order to get his name above the title on this one.
Otherwise, this tale of a sea captain going psycho is quite enjoyable.
IMDB Update: I see the name of the non-actor was "Russell Wade". My apologies to Mr Dix.

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