Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day #21,700

Walk km 106-118: Paris - to the Arc De Triomphe

covered sidewalk
aprox km 109 Place Des Vosges

Movie #1290 (#110 this year): Blonde Ice (1948, Jack Bernhard)

Pretty good "noir" as Leslie Brooks kills her way to the top. The only problem is that the cast is not very strong. Brooks as the villain is just not psycho enough and Robert Paige in the male lead is just a stuffed shirt. Only James Griffith as the sardonic newspaperman stands out.
Great final line

Movie #1291 (#111 this year): Dementia(1953,John Parker)

I guess this is why I watch so many movies. I might run across something like this. You would think that I've seen every classic ever made or at least heard of it. So, where did this one come from? Luis Bunuel meets Ed Wood! Amazing surrealist silent movie from 1953 - and it's the real deal. Despite the fact that the cinematographer also shot "Plan Nine From Outer Space"! Despite the fact that nobody knows who director "John Parker" really was. Despite the fact that actor and associate producer Buno Ve Sota starred in such classics as "Attack Of The Giant Leeches" and "Hot Car Girl". Despite the fact that the star, Adrienne Barrett never made another movie either before or after this. Despite all that, this film is real, it's super-weird but best of all...... I've seen it!

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