Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day #21,701

EuroWalk km 118-125: to Gare De Lyon and return

walking path
aprox km 121 12th arrondissement

Movie #1292 (#112 this year): Rage At Dawn(1955, Tim Whelan)

After yesterday's "Dementia" we're back to standard fare. Can't get more standard than a Randolph Scott western. Screenplay by Horace "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" McCoy doesn't help any. Randy without Budd is merely OK.

Movie #1293 (#113 this year): Trapped(1949, Richard Fleischer)

Gee, how many of these 'film noit"s did Hollywood make between 1945 and 1955? There seems to be no end to them. In this one the Treasury Department takes on counterfeiters. Lloyd Bridges (counterfeiter) and John Hoyt (government agent) are both excellent. The direction is fine although this print (BachFilms) looks a little worn.

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