Friday, May 21, 2010

Day #21,702

EuroWalk km 125-137: Paris

view from my hotel window
km 137 Hotel Armstrong

Movie #1294 (#114 this year): A Dandy In Aspic(1968, Anthony Mann)

This was Anthony Mann's last movie. He started in the 40s with the "film noir", switched to Jimmy Stewart westerns in the 50s and here he was directing a British spy movie in the 60s.
Can't say that these spy movies do much for me. The motivation is all a little removed from the greed and fear of "film noir". Still, it's excellently made and drops all the comic book aspects of those 007 movies (which might not be a good thing).
IMDB Update: Not only was this Mann's last film but he died during shooting. The lead actor (Laurence Harvey) took over.

Movie #1295 (#115 this year): Attack Of The Crab Monsters (1957, Roger Corman)

Roger Corman was never a favourite of mine. His Edgar Allan Poe movies are a bore. His 50s movies lack goofiness. In this one, a group of scientists land on a south Pacific island which is being destroyed by a giant crab that assumes the personality of any scientst whose brain it has eaten! Sounds good eh? Sure, but the execution is dull. There was just no Ed Wood in Roger Corman.


  1. Got any nice oil paintings in that room?

  2. Had to look to see if there were any paintings at all. Yup, a crappy one above the bed. So crappy it might have been an original.