Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day #21,685

Walk km 4493-4500: Thurlow/seawalk(south)/Stanley Park/seawalk(north)/Thurlow/Pender/Bute/Robson

aprox km 4497 Lost Lagoon

Movie #1283 (#103 this year): The Sin Ship(1931, Louis Wolheim)

This ain't much of a movie but gee it was swell! That's how they talk in this movie.
Louis Wolheim (the ship's captain) rents out his boat to a minister and his wife so he can rape the wife. This is pre-code! When he makes his move, the wife (Mary Astor) convinces him that he should clean his soul - and he falls for it. You see, Mary isn't really a minister's wife, she and her "husband" are a couple of bank robbers on the lam. The whole plot is so goofy that it hooked me right from the get go. And of course Mary Astor emotes like crazy while Louis Wolheim must be the ugliest leading man ever.

Movie #1284 (#104 this year): Runaway Bride(1930, Donald Crisp)

Is that the Donald Crisp who became a character actor? Might have been a good move. The direction on this one ain't so hot although he does get a few excellent night scenes.
The whole thing looks weird - they don't make movies like this any more.
The acting is positively dismal, except for Mary Astor who is her usual vivacious self.
I just checked the IMDB on Donald Crisp. Seems he was quite the director in the silent movie days. He directed 71 silent movies (starting in 1914) and one talkie. The talkie was "Runaway Bride" and it was the last movie he ever directed.

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