Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day #21,699

EuroWalk km 98-106: Paris (out shopping)

graffiti wall
aprox km 100 Rue Des Maraichers

Movie #1289 (#109 this year): Port Of New York(1949, Laslo Benedek)

A bit too much time spent on the good guys (dull as dust) and not enough on the bad guys. Yul Brynner (in his film debut, with hair) is the main bad guy and there are also good performances by K.T. Stevens (as Yul's moll) and Arthur Blake (as a drug addict).
Director Laslo Benedek had to wait 4 years for his big break when he directed that up-and-comer Marlon Brando in The Wild One. Yul Brynner had to wait 7 years for his next film but it was worth the wait because it was The King And I.

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