Friday, May 28, 2010

Day #21,709

Walk km 4686-4690: to the library
Walk km 4690-4695: Burrard/Burnaby/Jervis/seawalk/Denman/Robson

street scene at dusk
aprox km 4692 Burnaby Street

Book #295 (#19 this year): I'm Sorry You Feel That Way (2009, Diana Joseph)

I went back to the same part of the library as I did for the last book. It's called the "popular reading" collection. Maybe I was reading too much "unpopular reading" before because these last two have both been fun books.
Diana Joseph teaches creative writing in Mankato Minnesota. That doesn't sound too promising. Aren't professors supposed to get stuff published just so thay have something for their resume? Maybe. But, luckily Diana Joseph has apparantly never met a normal person in her entire life (including herself). That's what makes reading this so much fun.

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