Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day #21,932

Walk km 9553-9560: every block: Garden, Templeton and Napier
Walk km 9560-9564: every block: Victoria

some folks still have their Christmas lights up
approx km 9562 Victoria Drive

Movie #1919: Holiday Camp (1947, Ken Annakin)

It's "Grand Hotel" English holiday camp style. Not much to write home about as this one is definately below par as far as this genre goes. And there was one disturbing thing: one of the holidayers was a murderer. And he ended up murdering one of our cast of English stereotypes. Which one did he pick? The ditzy ugly duckling. It's as if they picked her because nobody would feel too badly about her. She wasn't pretty or smart - she's probably better off dead! Maybe not but it does make me wonder.
Oh oh, I just noticed the movie poster above: where's Esma Cannon (the actress who played the ditzy ugly duckling)? She's in the movie all the way through (her murder happens on the last day of camp). Just an oversight? I really do think that the filmmakers figured nobody would miss her. Disgusting.

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