Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day #21,938

Walk km 9616-9627 (12,311 to go): every block: 53rd, 55th, 61st, Bonaccord,Burquitlam

some sorta plant life
approx km 9621 Ontario Street

Movie #1924: Stir Crazy (1980, Sidney Poitier)

Not really the comedy fest that the reviewers at IMDB claims it to be. Most of the comedy is just Wilder and Pryor acting goofy. However, they do keep the plot moving along at a nice pace and their antics are pleasant enough.


  1. Nice angle and lighting on this shot.

    1. What I wondered when I saw this picture: why is the sky colour changing? It's dark blue at the top but almost white near the horizon.

  2. That's because when you look straight up you are looking through a relatively small amount of atmosphere. As your view approaches the horizon, you are looking through much more atmosphere.