Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day #21,958

Walk km 9727-9735 (12,223 to go): every block: 37th,Mayfair,Holland,46th,Marine

a mailbox
approx km 9729 37th Ave

Book #408: Man Bait (1960, Jack Liston (Ralph Maloney))

This book may not be the greatest. You would expect a book like this to be OK as far as plot goes but a little lacking in the writing skills department. It's just the opposite. Ralph Maloney was a graduate of Harvard and he can write. However, he's not good enough to get by without a good plot which is what's missing here.

Movie #1943: Cry Of The City (1948, Robert Siodmak)

Hope Emerson gives Richard Conte a massage

City streets.... in the dark..... with rain: the perfect noir setting. This one's got it plus tons more. All kinds of excellent touches. Hope Emerson is great as a masseuse.
Note: this movie is on YouTube but is 3 minutes short of the 95 minute running time. It appears that there were two additional scenes with Shelley Winters that are missing from the YouTube version.

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