Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day #21,945

Walk km 9679-9687: Pacific Spirit Park

snow covered trail
approx 9683 Pacific Spirit Park

Movie #1931: Get Outta Town (1960, Charles Davis)

The most obscure "noir" of all time. IMDB doesn't even have a rating for this one because they don't have five votes yet.
I enjoyed it but then I enjoy all "noirs". This one is fairly inept especially the acting. There ain't no thespians in this cast.

Movie #1932: Exces Pornographiques (1978, Claude Bernard-Aubert)
This second foray into the world of the erotic was actually even more boring than the first. However, I did get to hear an hour of the library music of Alain Goraguer.
Amazingly, this film recieved 44 votes at IMDB for a 62 score!

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