Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day #21,942

Walk km 9653-9655: to T&T

Movie #1927: Bobby Fisher Against The World (2011, Liz Garbus)

There's nothing extraordinary about this documentary except the subject. Any film about Bobby Fischer is bound to be fascinating.

Movie rewatch: Black Moon (1975, Louis Malle)

Amazing what you might find on YouTube. I saw this one back in '75 when it was in the theatres. I remember it as super weird. Well, my memory is spot on.
This is kind of an "Alice In Wonderland" type thing with teenager Lily coming across a war of the sexes (compete with tanks and tommy guns), an ugly unicorn, a flock of sheep that have hung the shepherd from a tree, naked children running about with a pig and listening to opera, flowers that scream when you step on them..... well, I'm sure you get the picture. I assume YouTube will delete this one as soon as the copyright holder complains so watch it while you can.

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