Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cleveland Trail

Day #21,946
Walk km 9687-9696 (12,250 to go): Meetup walk in Pacific Spirit Park

Meetup walkers
approx km 9691 Cleveland Trail

Movie #1934: Here Come The Huggetts (1948, Ken Annakin)
Movie #1935: Yield To The Night (1956, J Lee Thompson)

I got a hot tip on Yield To The Night from the Self Styled Siren blog. It appears that someone has uploaded a raft of UK films to YouTube. I'm sure they won't last long before they're taken down so watch them while you can.
I saw Here Come The Huggetts about a week ago. At least I saw most of it - I must have made a mistake while recording it because the last 20 minutes were missing. The uploader of Yield To The Night had also uploaded Here Come The Huggetts so I was able to finish that one off first. Then came the main feature: Diana Dors in a very somber film indeed. It's a death row procedural with endless details about life on death row. The light bulbs, the playing cards, a cat in the exercise yard, the shoes that don't quite fit, cigarettes (a wonderful scene where the condemned grabs the cigarette off of a guard just as the warden arrives (guards aren't allowed to smoke)), the night dress with a hole in it, a door with no doorknob and of course a cross.
Excellent stuff if you're up for a downer.

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