Friday, January 20, 2012

Day #21,947

Movie #1936: The Weak And The Wicked (1954, J Lee Thompson)

Here we have the previous J Lee Thompson/Joan Henry/Diana Dors collaboration. Once again Diana is in the slammer but top billing goes to Glynis Johns. And what a bunch of charming ladies you would find in your typical 50s UK goal. If you were looking for a bride, there doesn't appear to have been a better place to start looking!
One downside to the film is this rose coloured glasses problem (everyone in jail is just so sweet) and another is the comic relief that they had to add in (they find a way to get Sidney James into a woman's prison flick).
Remember, these films are on YouTube for a limited time only: watch now while you have the chance.

Movie #1937: The Prowler (1951, Joseph Losey)

Another one!!! How many great noirs are there? The first half is all creepy Van Heflin. The second half has that great Las Vegas/Mojave Desert location.
Just one small point: why did Van Heflin try to climb that little hill instead of just running around it?
This is another from YouTube but with a stamp.

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