Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day #21,948

Walk km 9696-9698: to Safeway
Walk km 9698-9704 (12,244 to go): every block: 40th/Laburnum/East Blvd/71st

Movie #1938: Shield For Murder (1954, Howard W Koch & Edmond O'Brien)

Yikes! Another one! This one is just as good as The Prowler. Both are crooked cop stories. In The Prowler, Van Heflin is the cop gone bad and he's mighty creepy. In this one, it's Edmond O'Brien and he deals more in just straightforward greed. However, there's more action in this one. It's a toss up but you can't go wrong with either of these - they're both near the top of the noir heap.
They're both available on YouTube but probably not for long.

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