Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day #21,937

Walk km 9611-9613: running errands
Walk km 9613-9616 (12,321 to go): to Safeway

Movie #1922: Marty (1955, Delbert Mann)

You know I hate movie about people with no gumption. This Marty character is totally pathetic. If I was makin' this picture, I wouldn't end it with him calling that woman (6 hours late!). I'd have "Clara" just tie into him and tell him where to get off. However, they don't have that scene because we know that poor Clara is just gonna be so happy that he finally called that she'll forgive him right away. Why? She ain't no gumption either.

Movie #1923: The Fall Of Fujimori (2005, Ellen Perry)

I'm currently reading a book about Fujimori so this documentary kind of gives away the ending!

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